Salon Secrets Stylists Wish People Knew

It's not only quality USsalonsupply products that keep hair looking amazing – it's the stylists. Without them and their impressive expertise, both men and women would always have bad hair days. Regular visits to a salon would not only maintain a hair's natural shine and bounce; sometimes stylists also share some beauty advice.

Unknown to average folks, there are some habits that make hairdressers frown in disapproval. Know these secrets to maximize the next salon experience.

Hair Stylists

Make or Break the Schedule

Having an appointment is important because it keeps stylists in check about their tasks. Whenever a customer arrives late or doesn't show up at all, it upsets their work assignments for the day. Not only that, in can keep several customers waiting too. 

The day for the appointment also matters. Schedules early in the morning or late afternoon should be avoided. At the beginning of the day, hairdressers are not yet settled in and may require a bit of time to focus. But by the end of the shift, they're already too tired and not at their best. Timing is key to get that gorgeous cut. Have a schedule either late in the morning, or early in the afternoon.

No Talk All Work

Many believe that stylists can chat and cut hair at the same time. This is a myth. Believe it or not, hairdressers work better when there aren't many distractions; like customers talking on their phones. Styling hair requires the same precision and concentration as any desk job. If a customer wants to have that perfect bob or straight bangs, leave the stylists in peace. 

Another pet peeve of them is when people keep criticizing their work. Although it's best to tell them personal preferences, it's not advisable to keep 'micro-managing' the cut. Show them something you would like to get through samples and pictures. If there are any concerns, simply ask them to stop and discuss the problem. 

Spread the Word

It's still not obvious to many, but salons get most of their clients through good referrals. If a customer likes their service, be sure to refer friends and family (and give a tip!). The industry is a competitive place; and knowing that someone out there is spreading good feedback is extremely helpful. Not only that, happy stylists give good haircuts!

For giving out tips, the ideal rate is about 20 percent. A number of people ignore it, but hairdressers remember generous folks. This good deed could also be rewarding since it gives you a chance of scoring last-minute appointments should the need arise. 

Pay Attention

Good stylists are honest. Even if a customer might not want to hear that they won't look like their favorite celebrity after a haircut. Listen to what hairdressers are recommending because they have this knowledge for a purpose. Also, if they suggest a particular product or brand, consider it. Although it would be expensive, the reason for that would be quality ingredients and efficacy.

Final word: don't take salon experts for granted if you want great hair!

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