Efficient Means to Up Sell Your Salon Services

Whenever there is a significant increase on the cost of goods and services, it can always be expected that most consumers would have an adverse reaction like reducing the regular expense or making the budget tighter than usual. That, in turn, would affect businesses as well given the reduction on potential clients or even in the expected profit. And if such be the real case, the recourse of the manager or owner especially of the salon enterprise is offering multiple options from which the prospects could secure a good amount of saving. It is what technically called as “up selling” or a sales technique whereby a salesperson induces clients to purchase related items to maximize the value of expense at a single shop. This can be quite effective in a beauty salon as the owner can sell products while providing services to the consumers; but in employing such, it is essential to consider these up selling means or techniques

Your Salon Services

Offer Head Massage

Although not usually considered by a number of salons, the head massage service can still be a great way to up sell and give clients good reason to come back to your store. You can offer such service in ten-minute duration either before or after providing the requested salon service. For proper execution, this should be performed at the comfortable bowl or in a chair; yet, making it more soothing or relaxing by using aromatherapy oils can ensure better appeal or impression to the clients. 

Add a Gloss Service 

This is quite a simple service to incorporate into your existing salon supplies or products; you can simply use colored or clear gloss which typically goes on towel dried hair. Likewise, it is necessary to find a convenient location where to provide it for at least five minutes or depending on the necessity of performing such. After having done so, you should then put the client under the dryer so as to ensure that the gloss will last longer. Such procedure could be a great one for the clients who are nervous about color yet are looking forward to try something odd considering the semi-permanent effect of the gloss. 

Keratin Treatment

Providing this as an additional service has been noted to boost salon sales; probably because the cost usually ranges from 200-500 making it profitable for the stylist especially when there are regular customers. It is also interesting that the keratin treatments may come at the price similar to the aforementioned cost range per bottle. However, taken into consideration the possibility that one can have at least eight services with such amount of product, the prospected revenue thus is not as motivating as one may have thought it is. 

Moisturizing Treatment

It is an all-year round option which could provide better financial advantage to the salon given that whether summer or winter, such service could still be offered to clients who desire of getting heavy dose of moisture. Keep in mind, however, that there are customers complaining that the treatment merely puts their hair down. For this reason, it is crucial to explain that if the hair is not properly moisturized, the scalp would actually produce undesirable amount of oil which could be a problem. And after making them clarified on such, your quick moisturizing treatment could eventually become a top-selling one.

Nevertheless, employing these up selling strategies does not directly mean that your business could grow instantly. That would be a sweeping conclusion if ever you expect the same; so bear in mind that you have to complement them with appropriate promotional techniques for your salon to get noticed and be prioritized over the competitors in the industry. 

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