Realistic Goals for Greater Motivation of Salon Employees

Salon StaffHuman psyche is like a machine that cannot function well or serve its ultimate purpose without being fueled or run by an automatic program or a manual force. Consider as one example the salon employees who have neither intrinsic nor extrinsic drive towards their work, do you think there would be efficiency – finishing tasks on time without sacrificing quantity and quality of salon service or supply? Well, that is something yet to think about, but the central point is, without providing appropriate motivation to the staff, the salon owner or manager can hardly expect the accomplishment of desired outcome in some or most aspects of business operation. It should not be taken in a general light, though, as various individuals have distinct degree of motivation or preferences when it comes to the matter; as such, what motivates one may not be applicable to the other type of personality. Anyhow, the issue on individual differences can probably be resolved when you try setting these realistic goals:

Productivity Goal

In the context of business management, productivity is taken as the amount of work accomplished within a specified period and can, therefore, be measured in production of outputs and/or quantity of salon customers served in a particular time. And with this goal, most entrepreneurs claim that the overall company productivity can be increased in the long run as the acquisition of prospects multiplies while employees are extending their limits in salon supplies and equipment. Otherwise explained, the goal here drives the staff to align their skills with the expectations or objectives set by the company; one precise example of this in beauty salon is finishing the salon service at the speed higher than usual.

Efficiency Goal

While being treated as similar to the concept of the preceding item, the efficiency differs in the approach to enhance business outcome. In particular, this is defined as the accuracy, speed, and quality with which a staff works; hence, the efficient employees can be taken as those with fewer errors yet can boost productivity without decreasing the quality standards. And one definite instance of this goal is keeping certain quantity of clients per day; this would give opportunity for the employees to balance company’s goals and their optimum level of efficiency.

Motivation of Salon Employees

Personal Development Goal

Quantitative factors are not simply the basis to determine how productive or efficient an employee is given that the job performance also lies on a wide range of qualitative considerations. This speaks about personal characteristics as such communication effectiveness, conflict management skills, leadership ability, and strategic contributions to the team; all these can have great impact to the “healthy” competitiveness of each employee and achievement of company’s success. One best example of this goal is creating a working environment with lesser or without “lateral violence” or otherwise known as peer-bullying and resolving workplace issues immediately after the occurrence. 

Educational Goal

Although not directly a major concern in business productivity as it is more of personal development, setting this goal could still prove quite beneficial for the company’s growth. This is so because the educational achievement of employees will not only reflect the integrity of the enterprise in the industry, but would likewise improve the outputs. Simply put it this way, an employee who is knowledgeable or has broad-range of know-how in various fields including quality salon equipment is beneficial to the interest of business in reducing the possible cost of hiring those with limited capabilities. Anyhow, it is still a matter of “priorities” that would determine whether such an initiative is favorable to the accomplishment of goals or would be detrimental to regular operation. 

At any rate, no matter how realistic these goals are, it is still wise for a salon owner or manager to assess whether or not they are appropriate to serve the current concerns in the industry

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